Elms and Hairstreaks Initiative: Donate an Elm Sapling

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Could you help reverse the fortunes of the White-letter Hairstreak butterfly by donating the cost of a disease resistant elm tree for us to plant in one of our Nature Reserves or a suitable Sheffield City Council park?

The deadly Dutch Elm Disease (DED) has decimated nearly all of the UKs large mature elm trees. Mature elms have their own unique biodiverse species mix of lichens and insects, many of which declined as elm trees have disappeared. The most famous species dependent solely on elms is the White letter Hairstreak butterfly, which has declined by 97% since the 1960s.

Now Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust and NESST are working together in partnership on the Elms and Hairstreaks Initiative which aims to make our region a place where both species can thrive again.

After 50 years of research and breeding, there are now DED resistant elm trees which can be purchased from specialist nurseries, and we want you to help us to plant them here!

Participate in the initiative via this page and we will plant a young sapling in one of our nature reserves or a Sheffield City Council park - and you could transform the fortunes of both species.

Alternatively, you can purchase a sapling to plant in your own garden or land via our Eventbrite page here. Find out more about the Elms & Hairstreaks initiative.